• I’m a fan of uncertainty. Not knowing you’re doing it right is a good thing. It makes you stop and think.
  • When I paint, I’m playing as much as I’m working. I’m asking questions. And, most often, I’m not sure I’ve got the right answers.  
  • So, I have mixed feelings about describing what I do as “work.” It has a slightly bitter, puritanical aftertaste … and I like slopping paint around. It’s the reason I wanted to be an artist as a kid, and I think it’s still a fine reason to paint. We’ve come to distrust the visual, and the finger-painter in us.  Somehow, those aspects of art-making don’t seem thorny or ironic enough, or adequately self-aware. They are deeply satisfying though.  Art is one of the most natural things in the world, fundamentally useless, but hugely pleasurable and very important.  
  • Images carry meaning. It’s my experience that it’s impossible to convey that meaning in words precisely … otherwise, painters would be poets, and use language… but there is part of our brain that looks for patterns, sees structures, and judges relationships; that is attuned the textures of the physical world; and that part of us resonates to the language of the visual. 
  • I go in whatever direction the painting takes me; I’m very comfortable with a perpetually unfinished process.
  • The complex, charged tension between apparent opposites --- chaos and order, emotion and intellect, creation and decay, high and low --- is the text of my current painting; also, how the impulse to beauty wrestles with the desire for truth.    

August 22, 2014

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